Taste Mediterranean Flavours and More

If you enjoy dining in a relaxed, design-led ambiance that offers creative Mediterranean cuisine, the Civitel Olympic restaurant will not disappoint. This sunny venue with bright, minimalist yet friendly décor, a wooden porch and a pleasing bar in its midst conspire to offer a well-studied variety of international dishes, infused with tantalizing Greek, Italian and continental influences.

The hotel's breakfast buffet is superb, offering croissants and breads right out of the oven, fresh fruit, cereals, jams and a Cretan corner with delicious regional breakfast varieties. A-la-minute delicacies such as scrambled eggs, omelets, sausages and delicious crepes can also be ordered during breakfast. Do try the traditional Greek coffee in a small pit of coal (Hovoli) and a very fine selection of teas.

Throughout the rest of the day, the à-la-carte menu ensures a refined dining experience with a myriad of fresh flavors. Refined ingredients such as buffalo mozzarella, local fish from the Aegean, truffle oil, parmesan flakes, roasted pine nuts and quality basmati rice have been carefully blended with hearty local ingredients such as fresh vegetables, Feta cheese, grilled chicken and country mushrooms. Salad lovers, meat eaters and dessert enthusiasts will revel in this menu with its rich, healthy variety.

At the end of your meal, you can sweeten your tooth with cherry cheesecake, brownies topped with vanilla ice cream, the best of Greece's ripe fruits or a fine chocolate fondue, among other mouthwatering dessert choices. Right in the middle of this happening restaurant and its ambiance, the bar serves virtually every beverage conceivable from gourmet coffee to gin tonics, cocktails and anything in between.

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