Culinary Awards & Recognition

Our executive and talented Chef of Civitel Olympic, Georgatzas Kostas and his team make us always proud with their global culinary distinctions. They all deserve a great recognition!

Silver Award by the Estia Awards 2017

Such a great honor to be awarded as 'Best Hotel Restaurant' by the Estia Awards 2017. This great distinction is yet another proof of the continuous efforts of Civitel Olympic restaurant to be considered within the best gastronomic destinations in Athens! Read More

Civitel Olympic member of the “Greek Breakfast"

We are really proud to announce the certification of the Civitel Olympic Hotel’s Breakfast. Civitel Olympic is now a member of the “Greek Breakfast” Program which is an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels which utilizes and connects the cultural – gastronomic wealth of the country with the Greek hotel business. Breakfast buffet of Civitel Olympic includes a wide selection of dishes... Read More

Vivanda - Malta's main culinary event

Civitel Olympic Chef Georgatzas Kostas - and his team - Sarlanis Marios & Bakalis Thanasis-, were awarded with 4 medals (1 Silver & 3 Bronze) in Vivanda - Malta's main culinary event- which took place from 14th to 17th of November 2013!

Margaritar's Culinary Cup

Our Executive Chef Kostas Georgatzas, took part in Margaritar's Culinary Cup in Roman City, Romania which hold from 04 until 06 of October 2013 & was awarded with 2 gold medals & 1 silver in the category, Traditional Greek Cuisine & Demonstration.

8th International Culinary Competition of Southern Europe

Civitel’s Olympic culinary team, with leader the Executive Chef Georgatzas Kostas, participated in the 8th International Culinary Competition of Southern Europe in the International Exhibition center of Thessaloniki which took place from 7 to 10 of March 2013. They were awarded with 7 medals (1 Gold, 5 Bronze and 1 Silver) to the following categories:

  • Greek Fresh Breakfast - Gold Medal
  • Seafood Fish Or Combination - Bronze Medal
  • Vegeterian Dish - Bronze Medal
  • Risotto Dish - Bronze Medal
  • Pork Dish - Bronze Medal
  • Poultry Hot Dish - Bronze Medal
  • Salad With Combination - Silver Medal

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